11 Top SEO Plugin For WordPress 2020 [Best WordPress Plugin For Search Engine Optimization]

11 Top SEO Plugin For WordPress 2020 [Best WordPress Plugin For Search Engine Optimization]

Owns a WordPress website and thus looking for top SEO plugin for WordPress 2020?? Well, glad to meet you… Here would like to assure you that you’re gonna get exactly what you want… in terms of plugins of course… Yeah… so keep on reading!!

If you do run a WordPress site (or any other site for that matter), its important for you to be SEO conscious.

Talking about today, i.e., 2020, referring SEO as one of the most vital aspect of websites would not be wrong.

If you aren’t considering SEO, my friend, you are missing a lot of opportunities for traffic and the ultimate conversions.

As per Marketers,

Organic search traffic is the key metric to define content success in 2020 (76%). And when its about organic traffic, all knows SEO is the first thing which comes in mind. SEO is the proven way to improve content performance.

OK… so this was importance of SEO… now coming to what actually makes SEO such effective… well that’s its Plugins, I must tell you… or you would knowing it by yourself I guess, if aware of SEO.

Now when its plugins usage in wordpress, its easy I know, but I think get confusing sometimes… as they are hundreds of available…

For example… just run a search for “SEO” in the WordPress plugins directory, and you’ll find 49 pages of results. Well that’s about just one term. Likewise many terms are there and for them respectively you may find many plugins.

Now lemme clear you one thing that there’s no such thing as a definitive list of the top SEO plugin for wordpress 2020. These things are actually subjective…

Yes… and that is the reason here I have listed some plugins which I would not refer as the best SEO plugin for wordpress free of course, but as the ones which I liked and had good experience with…

So, without any further do… lets quickly jump into mine recommended seo plugins… OK… so some plugins are free and some are paid, therefore, my list of top SEO plugin for WordPress 2020 will be comprising both…


Top SEO Plugin For WordPress 2020

Here below you will find list of some best SEO plugins for wordpress… These plugins are proven working in improving the website’s overall look, efficiency and of course the functionality.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins… with of course more than five million active installations to date.

Its actually the main ‘SEO Plugin’ I use in my blog… so yeah…

What Yoast SEO Can Do For Your Website?

  • Can create an XML sitemap.
  • Create title and meta description templates.
  • Verify your site in Webmaster tools (Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and etc)
  • Optimize your AMP pages. (You’ll require Glue for Yoast and AMP for that).
  • Exclude (“no-index”)… certain content types from being indexed in search engine results (categories, media pages, tags and etc.)

So, this was site-wide stuff Yoast SEO provides with. Now at page-level, it furnishes us with numerous other features…

Yoast do adds a meta SEO box to all the posts and pages.

Here’s in this box, you can set custom title tags, meta descriptions, Open Graph Tags, Meta robots tags and canonicals.

Yoast SEO - best free seo plugin for wordpress 2020

Moreover, there’s also a feature showing… how well the page is optimized for your target keyword.

seo analyzer wordpress plugin

These features of ‘Yoast SEO’ seo plugin genuinely helps website in ranking well on search engine.

However, aside from all this, Yoast SEO furnishes you with Readability Analysis feature… which is I guess slightly more useful than the above discussed features… It tells you how easy or difficult your content is to read… i.e., Flesch Reading Ease Score.

Further, it also grades things like your sentence lengths and subheading distribution.


Yoast SEO is the best local SEO plugin for wordpress.

So, overall, as per mine recommendations, Yoast SEO is a must use plugin for wordpress website owners.

All in One SEO Pack [Best SEO Plugin for WooCommerce]

All in One SEO Pack is a highly popular WordPress SEO plugin, offering a comprehensive set of tools for improvising your website.

This SEO plugin allows you to very easily add up SEO title and meta tags. Moreover, you can also add XML sitemaps, open graph meta tags, image sitemaps and etc.

As stated in the heading, the plugin works best with WooCommerce to optimize online store for SEO. The plugin comes with easy setup and allows you to control access to different settings, using a feature manager.

Here, below see in detail what this SEO plugin can do for your website.

What All in One SEO Pack Can Do For Your Website?

  • Can edit your robots.txt file, via making use of a user-friendly interface.
  • Block ‘bad bots’, including referral spam.
  • Edit your .htaccess file without FTP*
  • Add site-links search box markup.
  • Auto-generate meta descriptions.

All in One SEO Pack - best seo plugin for woocommerce

Furthermore, this WordPress SEO plugin support AMP… Means it do integrates with the official AMP WordPress Plugin out of the box.

This was all about what free version of All in One SEO Pack free version.

But this plugin is available in paid version also. The pro version of this plugin furnishes you with numerous even more enhance features…

It provides you with access to more addons…

All in One SEO Pack is without any doubt a more affordable solution than that of Yoast SEO. And this is the reason it’s the second more popular WordPress SEO plugin in the market.

Note: All in One SEO Pack is a Yoast SEO alternative. So, you can go only with one for your website.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant (Free) – Best SEMrush WordPress Plugin

Without any doubt, it’s the best wordpress plugin for search engine optimization.

It has been referred as one of the best on-page SEO plugins… offering instantaneous SEO recommendations to optimize content based onto the qualities of Google’s top 10 ranking pages for your keyword in a given location.

What SEMrush SEO Writing Assistance Can Do For You?

  • Target keywords and recommend keywords.
  • Furnish users with a readability score and recommendations, regarding improvement.
  • Via its plagiarism features, helps in ensuring that writer has submitted 100% unique content.
  • Provides with linking recommendations… in order to check your links for possible errors and issues.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant - SEMrush WordPress Plugin

The SEO Framework (Free)

The SEO Framework is yet another strong alternative to Yoast SEO and the All in One SEO Pack.


However, functionality wise, it doesn’t have much that the other don’t have. Overall a lightweight solution.

Easy Table of Contents (Free)

Google always recommends breaking long pieces of content into logical sections, with of-course associated on-page anchors.

So, that’s exactly what this WordPress SEO Plugin does… it do adds up a table of contents to your respective posts and pages, making them easier to navigate.

Easy Table of Contents - WordPress SEO Plugin

Now since a table of contents makes the long pages less daunting… so it do have a very strong positive effect on SEO. This SEO plugin enhances things like time on page, dwell time, bounce rate and etc.

Moreover, the plugin also helps you out winning jump links in the SERP. This increases CTR on like really very large extent.

jump-links-serp - easy table of contents

As far as the plugin itself is considered, its super customizable.

You can choose precisely, where to insert it… the types of headers (H2, H3, etc) to be included in the anchors. Moreover, whether to make it appear on all the pages or just some.

SEO Ultimate (Free/Paid)

An absolute all-in-one SEO plugin, SEO Ultimate is popular for its data flexibility… Moreover also for stand-out feature it do comprise…

What SEO Ultimate Can Do For Your Website?

  • Automatically set up keywords
  • Generate internal links on website
  • Creates open graph for posts and pages automatically.
  • Comprises a file editor… enabling you to modify your robot.txt file in the dashboard.

SEO ultimate - wordpress keywords plugin

Rank Math (Free)

Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin do helps WordPress users effectively optimize their respective website for both the search engines and social media.

According to me, and yes have heard from other SEO persons also, that Rank Math is just one of the best SEO apps for wordpress.

What Can Rank Math Can Do For Your Website?

  • Optimize unlimited keywords
  • Makes it quite easy to follow, set up and configuration wizard.
  • Makes integration of Google Schema markup possible
  • Provide you with Time Saver feature… thanks to the Google Search Console integration.


Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin (Free/Paid)

This SEO plugin is highly rated… thanks to its ease of use, via enabling users to seamlessly check out their respective Google Analytics whilst on word press.

What Can Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin Can Do?

  • Provides link tracking (outbound and internal)
  • Furnishes you with interest reports and demographics access.
  • Makes it easy for you to track traffic and user engagement.
  • Can get viewed from the WordPress dashboard.

Broken Link Checker (Free)

The Broken Link is a SEO WordPress plugin which looks for broken links on your website… both the internal as well as external.

Onto finding any broken link, the plugin provides you with the HTTP status code. Moreover, with the anchor text and the source of the link. This genuinely makes it easy for you to find and fix.

Since, the plugin runs in the background all the time, it continuously check for broken links. And alert you by mail, if find anything wrong.

Nonetheless, the best feature of this WordPress plugin is that it enables you to fix links with a couple of clicks.

The even more useful feature of this plugin is that it provides you with suggestion on replacement links… and here you can easily swap out the dead link for a working one in just one click… Trust men, you don’t have to dig yourself into the post for this.

broken link checker - top seo plugin for wordpress 2020

Further, it also informs you about the 301 redirects… There you will find an option to fix all those in bulk, via replacing the redirect link with the final destination URL.


So, this was the positive things about this SEO plugin.

Now coming to the downside…

The plugin unfortunately slow down your website, as do make use of a lot of bandwidth.

Thus, the plugin is definitely not something I would recommend running, in case if you do have super cheap or slow hosting.

I would suggest to run it every now and again and then deactivate it meanwhile.

W3 Total Cache (Free/Paid)

This free WordPress SEO plugin is there for checking the speed of your WordPress site… The plugin is often highlighted as the best free seo plugin for wordpress 2020.

W3 Total Cache - best wordpress plugin for search engine optimization

Now we all are aware of the fact that site speed is one of the most important aspects to consider in SEO… so this plugin helps a lot your website with this…

What W3 Total Cache Can Do For Your Website?

  • Reduces the page load time
  • Improves the conversion and site performance
  • Enhances the overall website performance, onto getting fully configured in WordPress
  • Furnishes users with up to 80% bandwidth savings.

Rel NoFollow Checker (Free) – SEO Analyzer WordPress Plugin

This lightweight WordPress SEO plugin is beneficial for those who do work on affiliate sites… means who do have affiliate links on their respective website.

The Rel NoFollow SEO plugin actually creates a checkbox to tick, while adding links in wordpress. This ultimately helps with ranking.

  • Absolutely easy to install and use
  • No need to make use of code editor to add ‘nofollow’ links.

rel nofollow-wordpress plugin

WPML (Paid) – [One of the Best SEO Apps for WordPress]

This SEO plugin is for all those whose website needs to be in multiple different languages.. Its an absolute excellent multilingual WordPress plugin with huge number of advantages…

What Can WPML Can Do For Your Website?

  • Enables you to completely optimize your website for SEO in multiple languages.
  • Set meta information for translations
  • Drive the right traffic in the correct languages.
  • Enables sitemaps to pass Webmaster validation and do include the correct pages.


Shortpixel plugin is there to compress and optimize the images on your website.

Since, images are the slowest files to load, so whenever someone visit your site, image optimization of course have a noticeably positive effect onto the page speed…

Note: Page Speed is a vital factor, when its about ranking.

Shortpixel SEO plugin is highly flexible to use. You’re just require to install it and choose your settings. Afterwards it will automatically optimize and serve image, you will upload in the future.

The tool or plugin furnishes with compression options like glossy, lossy and lossless. Further, it do supports 2x images.

Shortpixel - SEO plugin for image optimization

Its compatible with image formats like GIF, PDF, JPG & PNG.

Just run it and you will get your images optimized in line with your settings.


Shortpixel is available in both free and paid versions.

Note: EWWW Image optimizer is the best according to me… for those who’re looking for a complete free alternative.

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Autoptimize minifies, compress and caches the scripts and styles…

Overall, its speeds up your website.

The plugin integrates with Shortpixel to optimize and convert images to WebP format, which are then cached and served from Shortpixel’s global CDN… All these ultimately makes the things even faster.

autooptimize - best seo apps for wordpress

Moreover, there’s available a built-in functionality namely lazy-loading… It’s a perfect option to optimize how Google fonts are loaded.


Really Simple SSL

Every SEO person is aware of the fact that HTTPS is a vital ranking factor… so it’s sort of crucial to have SSL in 2020 and onwards.

LetsEncrypt do offers SSL certificate for free… Lot of hosts support this initiative… However installing an SSL certificate isn’t all you’re require to do.

You also need to permanently redirect the HTTP version of your website to the HTTPS version.

Really Simple SSL SEO Plugin can help you out with this…

What you’re require to do with this plugin is just to install it and then check the box in the setting:

Really Simple SSL - seo analyzer wordpress plugin

This plugin (one of the top SEO plugin for WordPress 2020) fixes mixed content issue on website, i.e., when both the secure and unsecure content is loaded over SSL on your site. This is actually common issue while making the switch. Nonetheless, what all you’re require to do is check a box.

Anti-Spam (Free) – Top SEO Plugin For WordPress 2020

Anti-Spam filters are there to spam comments without requiring a captcha.

Spam comments actually don’t causes big SEO issues… since links in your comments section are no-followed. However according to Google, comment spam is still harmful in various ways… They might demote or even remove pages overrun with user-generated spam, to protect the quality of their search results.

This clearly meant that spammy comments do poses negative impact onto the SEO, even if they’re unfollowed.

Nonetheless, the Anti-Spam plugin makes avoiding spammy comments easy.

You’re just require to install it and then you’re off.

OK… so here we finally ends up on top free SEO plugin for WordPress 2020. Hopefully you enjoyed this journey with me… and the blog was beneficial for you…

Now though have put all the points about the plugins here in this blog, I was having in my mind… however, think that finally summary should be there… since the blog was long, so yeah… you can finally conclude what all you got in this blog…so, let’s go….

Final Thoughts

The best SEO plugin for WordPress for you will definitely come down to all your individual requirements… However there are some points you always need to consider, while choosing plugin. Yes… always consider the on-page and technical SEO features plugins provide…

Remember always… some of them might be more useful to you than the others. So, its vital to check reviews, to see… if there any common complaints exist, such as the site speed issues and other like that. Moreover, one thing important to keep in mind is that usage of too many plugins negatively impacts the website performance. So, always choose plugin, facilitating you with the features you require.

So, that’s all…

Nonetheless, if you think I missed something… or any suggestions for me… kindly share them with me in the comment section below. That would be really appreciable.



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