20 Top Free SEO Tools 2020 To Instantly Improve Your Marketing [Updated 2020]

20 Top Free SEO Tools 2020 To Instantly Improve Your Marketing [Updated 2020]

Looking for a list of Top Free SEO Tools 2020? Then look no further, as you are finally on the finest destination for that particular purpose… Here I have the best free SEO tools… Have listed tools based onto the reviews available on the web… So can trust the tools list completely!!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO work appropriately with multiple tools.

A full suite of fantastic SEO tools makes the impossible jobs possible.

Every SEO professional has its own set of favorite tools. However the problem is that these multiple SEO tools are quite expensive and do require a monthly subscription. So, obviously most suitable for the big companies and agencies that use them heavily and require all the advanced features which these SEO audit tools offers.

Now the question here is what for the small companies or the start-ups. It’s obvious that they barely justify the cost of such expensive SEO tools, which they uses once in a while.

Well, such people or firms are require to make use of free tools, which perhaps are not quite powerful as the paid ones, but of course can do most of the work required.

Here I have compiled a huge list of my favorite best free SEO tools 2020. These tools (mind recommended ones) will definitely help marketers understand and optimize website and the organic search presence.

Here I have grouped the types of SEO tools into the categories, to make it easy for you, find specific features, when you need them:

Now without any further do, let’s go…

Best Free Technical SEO Tools

Recognizing and managing site’s technical issues is a vital part of any SEO workflow. Here’re listed come some free tools to help you do that:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console - top free SEO tools 2020

Google Search Console is the first tool I would recommend to everyone to start use.

Its Google’s own tool, meant to monitor Google visibility.

In recent years, I have seen this tool becoming revamped, for better user experience.

Google Search Console is actually where you gain insights into your site’s organic performance. Moreover, any reported issues, like notifications of manual action penalties.

Note: Every SEO concerned with ranking properly on Google should be aware of this SEO Tool.

What Google Search Console Can Do

  • Primarily helps you with understanding your website’s SEO performance… in terms of clicks, impressions, average positions and CTR. All this on an individual keyword level. All this ultimately helps planning a perfect growth strategy.
  • Inspect URLs to identify crawling and indexing issues. This could actually prevent the issues from showing on the SERPs.
  • Finding manual actions on websites or web pages. Moreover, finding security issues.
  • Submitting sitemap.
  • Requesting the indexation of URL
  • Finding coverage errors and the respective causes of them… Here, from error, I meant errors like 404 errors, crawl issues, pages blocked by robots.txt and etc.
  • Informing Google about the domain name change.

Google Search Console is Appreciated Because:

It’s the finest platform to find the exact issues with websites, that Google sees while crawling and indexing your website.

On page level, this free SEO tool provides you with chance to test a URL, to exactly understand how Googlebot interprets it.

According to Experts,

It’s just the finest place, people should prefer for diagnosing any issues, regarding the way your website appears on the SERPs.

Google Search Console URL Inspect - best seo tools 2019 free


Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights - best free SEO tools

When it’s about website’s performance on SERPs, pageload speed is indubitably a vital aspect to consider, as it do impacts the user experience (UX) of your website.

Slow pages genuinely makes the user fee slow, and that’s unbearable in today’s date, of course I can say.

Slow pages prevent conversions and ultimately damage the rankings. Thus, Google PageSpeed Insights tool is a great way to prevent your websites from all such issues and make it the search engine’s favourites.

What Google PageSpeed Insights Do:

Enable the users to understand the site’s PageSpeed score. Moreover, make them learn how to improve it via fixing the highlighted issues. So, obviously a highly user-friendly tool.

With this free SEO tool, even in case you’re not overly technical person, you can handle it.

With this tool, you will be able to see the main areas affecting the speed of your website, liked the image load time or the server issues. Yes and of course the areas performing really well.

Google PageSpeed Insights is Appreciated Because:

It furnishes users with clear suggestions, about improvisation to their website.

It’s ultimately an awesome way to fine-tune your website’s performance.

Google PageSpeed Opportunities - free technical SEO tool

Bing Webmaster Tools (One of the Best SEO Tools 2020)

Bing Webmaster Tools - Best Free SEO Tools

After Google, Bing is the one which do own a market share of 25% in the US.

Bing Webmasters Tools do exists for helping out website owners managing their respective site’s appearance on the search engine.

What Bing Webmaster Tools Can Do:

Can furnish you with a whole host of insights into your website on Bing Webmaster Tools. The insight basically include summary of how well your website is performing and the areas requiring your focus to improve. Moreover, helps you out understand how users are finding your website. This enables you to prioritize improvements, diagnose site issues and receive the alerts and notifications from Bing.

Bing Webmaster Tools is Appreciated Because:

The tool furnishes you with more insights into your website’s performance than that of Google Search Console.

Further, do offer an SEO analysis tool (namely, SEO Analyzer). This tool do provides best practice recommendations. These recommendations are those ones which are often bypassed by robots.txt file, enabling you to check pages you aren’t yet ready to index.

Bing SEO Analyzer


SEMrush is the ultimate comprehensive SEO toolkit, which allows you to keep on the top of all the technical matters, associated with your site optimization.

SEMrush - top free SEO tools 2020

What SEMrush Can Do For You:

While there are distinct pricing plans to choose from, a SEMrush Free Subscription offers a range of opportunities including:

  • Opportunity to make use of Keyword Magic Tool (without even saving searches)
  • You can perform up to 10 search simultaneously in a day in its Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics databases.
  • Can create and manage a single project (including 12 distinct tools)
  • Can track the position of up to 10 keywords in the Position Tracking Tool.
  • You are provided with a total of 10 SEO idea units per month.
  • Can crawl up to 100 pages of your website with the site audit tool to find out issues and opportunities.

SEMrush is Appreciated Because:

Be it either keyword research via technical SEO auditing, reporting or competitive research, SEMrush Free subscription offers a wealth of features, making website’s owner work easy enough.

This (one of the top free SEO tools 2020) furnishes its users with access to free extensions such as SEOquake and glimpses of several paid add-on features like the Growth Quadrant for competitive landscape analysis.

Free On-Page SEO Tools

WordPress now do powers 35% the web… this reason is enough for wordpress to be everyone’s ultimate CMS of choice.

Well, for wordpress, there are numerous free tools available. To help people get the most out of the platform from an on-page SEO perspective.

Without any further do, let’s jump on the top free SEO tools 2020:

Rank Math

There is no doubt about the fact that Rank Math is ultimately becoming the go-to WordPress plugin, with more than around 300,000 installations to date.

rankmath-one of the best types of SEO tools

What Rank Math Can Do

When it’s about on-page, this free SEO tool covers just everything… be it either optimizing page titles and Meta descriptions or monitoring 404 errors or creating XML sitemaps and identifying the free content opportunities.

Moreover, the tool do even recommend the ideal settings, helping you out run a fully optimized WordPress site.

Rank Math’s SEO Audit Do Includes the Following Features:

  • SEO Analysis
  • Advanced SEO Optimization
  • 5 Keyword Optimization
  • Rich Snippets
  • XML Sitemaps
  • 404 Monitor
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Redirection Manager
  • OpenGraph Mark-up
  • Local SEO
  • Advanced WooCommerce SEO
  • Role Manager
  • And etc.


Rank Math is Appreciated Because:

Unlike those of several other WordPress plugins, Rank Math do furnish you with complete control over what you use and what you exactly don’t thanks to its modular framework. This actually means you can pick up and choose your features. This sort of freedom you would rarely get with any other SEO plugin… be it either all-in-one SEO plugin.

Rank Math Modules - top free SEO tools 2020

Yoast SEO (One of the Finest Top Free SEO Tools 2020)

Yoast is an absolute free wordpress plugin, which optimize website as simple as straightforward as it should be for novice people.

Yoast SEO - best free seo tool 2020

What Yoast SEO Can Do:

Being fully integrated with the Glutenberg WordPress Editor, Yoast SEO provides you with complete control over your site’s optimization (for specific keywords).

It comprises built-in support, which makes tasks like adding structured data blocks for how-tos and FAQs much easier.

Yoast Structured Data

Yoast is Appreciate Because:

Yoast SEO makes managing on-page optimization absolutely straight forward… so obviously great tool for those who do run their own businesses.

Yoast SEO works like, once you entered your focus keyword for a particular page, you are provided with a number of pointers for must-fix issues and improvements. However, the tool also shows what you have already optimized correctly.

The Yoast SEO Tool do uses a simple traffic light system, showing on-page areas that do require improvisation.

Yoast Suggestions - top free seo tools 2020

So, the tool is the ultimate way to look after the individual elements of your onsite optimization efforts.

Free Link Building Tools

When its about Online Marketing, link building is without any doubt one of the most vital aspects to consider… gaining links from high authority websites means a lot for a website.

However great things needs time & patience. So, same is the case with building great links.

Building up great links is all about patience… However there are ways to optimize the process with tools to ensure productivity. The free best link building tools include:

Raven SEO Tools

Raven is the first free SEO tool, available in the form of an intuitive interface, people can use for queuing links for outreach.

Raven SEO Tool

What Raven SEO Tools Can Do

The Raven SEO Tools, or more specifically, the Link Manager tool works via integrating with Backlink Explorer and Site Finder. This it does mainly with the purpose of furnishing its users with backlink sources.

Raven SEO Tools is Appreciable Because

The tool do offer a wide choice of free or low-cost tools to those who are in need of some sources for link building strategy.

Link Explorer

‘Search Engine for Links’ introduced by Moz can used by people for researching and comparing websites and do all that stuff, without any fee.

Currently, aside from this explorer, you can also make usage of MozBar, which is absolutely free for download and use.

Authorized back-linking of website is important, to prevent from being penalized by Google for connecting with unreliable websites.

link explorer by moz


Backlink Watch

This one of the finest top free SEO tools 2020 is your ultimate time-saving solution for finding the source of the backlinks.

Backlink Watch SEO Tool

If you are among-st those who do wonders where competitors’ backlinks are coming from, this is the just perfect tool for you.

Free Local SEO Tools

Small business’ competition for local customers have never been easy. However there are some top free SEO tools 2020 available for maximizing visibility and driving growth on the SERPs.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is just the best free tool for businesses with a physical store or the ones who do serve customers at their respective locations.


This SEO Tool claim your business and make it appear on Google Maps, in the knowledge panel, and in the local pack.

What Google My Business Can Do?

Without creating and optimizing your GMB listing, it’s just impossible to get appeared in the key locations on local SERPs.

So, if you really want to stand out against your competitors for local searches for opening hours, videos, photos, reviews, Q&A and etc., then Google My Business is the only and ultimate way.

Google My Business is Appreciable Because:

Optimizing GMB listing can make it possible for you to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Note: Don’t ever treat it as ‘set & forget’ listing. Means you have to be like regular to add new posts, keep Q&As up to date, add photos, videos, upload offer and yeah do not ever forget to respond to reviews (either it’s positive or negative).

Free Tracking, Analytics & Reporting Tools

In order to run out an effective strategy, informed by insightful reports, its sort of vital to track and analyse your website data with the right tools.

Have a glance at some of such free SEO tool:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolute free tool which of-course every online marketer would be aware of. The fantastic insights it do offers helps out in making informing decisions, in almost every area of your strategy.

Google Analytics

What Google Analytics Can Do?

As discussed above, Google Analytics (one of the best SEO tools 2020) enables you to report on and analyse metrics such as the number of sessions, unique visitors and conversions. All these stats ultimate helps develop a detailed understanding of your website traffic. Details like: where the traffic is coming from, where it exactly went on your site, how it engaged with your content, and where it exited.

Moreover, Google Analytics furnishes you with detailed user data, like demographics and device usage, in order to help you out informing your strategy.

Google Analytics is Appreciated Because:

As per experts,

It’s the most cost-effective analytics platform for businesses (of all shapes and sizes). Its help all the way in nurturing traffic generation activities.

Google Data Studio [One of the Top Free SEO Tools 2020]

Google Data Studio is just the finest free tracking SEO tool, when its about creating an engaging SEO report.

Google Data Studio

The tool furnishes users with opportunities to use interactive dashboards and visualize site’s performance.

What Google Data Studio Can Do:

Despite the fact that Analytics is an ultimate tool to understand the behavior of your website’s users, whenever its about combining such data with other tools like Google Search Console, Data Studio is the best.

Data Studio enables you to do all that with its highly effective reporting dashboards, which do utilizes multiple sources. The tool even enables you to merge them, if required.

Google Data Studio is the finest free reporting tools to showcase results of marketing efforts.

Google Data Studio report

Google Data Studio is Appreciable Because:

The tool besides from being an ultimate way of creating highly engaging SEO report, showing real-time data, history comparisons and much more, helps you see trends which of course the other tools don’t.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research is indubitably one of the primary things to do, while beginning the improving of site’s search engine visibility.

Keywords keywords and how to rank with them helps you focus your improvement efforts, to of course where it matters the most.



Today, there are numerous keyword tools available to help you out find keywords and check the search volume. Now unfortunately majority of them are paid, i.e., do require certain sort of payment by you for their usage.

However, there are free tools also, and one of them obviously is Ubersuggest. This one of the best free SEO tools hosts a number of beneficial functionalities, and yes all free.

Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

This free tool is actually a Chrome and Firefox add-on, showing keyword search volume data, next to the Google search results and select other tools. These tools include: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends and YouTube.

The key benefit of this tool which distinct it from several other keyword research tools is that it do furnishes users with search volume for keywords, without having to constantly use a tool like Ubersuggest.

Moreover, since the add-on always works in the background only, you get a sense of keyword popularity slowly, without really thinking about it.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is a very effective keyword research tool, design to help you out researching keywords for your Search Campaigns.

This free tool can get utilized discovering new keywords associated with your business. You can see estimates of the searches they receive and of course the cost to target them.

Moreover, the keyword planner tool furnishes another way of creating Search Engine Campaigns. These ways are centered on in-depth keyword research.

Note: Despite the fact that Keyword Planner do provide insights into keyword targeting, campaign performance do depends onto the variety of factors.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer

Outside the world of Google, Moz is an awesome tool, offering the ability to analyse keywords, links, SERP or on-site page optimization. Moz do allows you to enter your page on their website for certain limited SEO recommendations. Or you can go for MozBar extension.

As far as the free tools are concerned, the basic version of Moz Keyword Explorer is quite sufficient and yes is getting better year by year. However, the pro version is also available for comprehensive analysis and SEO insights, which is well worth the money.

Answer the Public

Answer The Public (one of the best top free SEO tools 2020) enables you find 150+ keyword ideas within seconds.

You might find majority of the SEO tools getting their respective data from the same one place, i.e., Google Keyword Planner. However, Answer the Public is different.

This genuinely awesome free keyword researcher tool find questions that are being asked on public forums, blogs and of course on social media. The tool then further turns those questions into awesome keywords:

answer the public

Note: Answer The Public Tool comprises a section of the results dedicated to “Vs. Keywords”, unlike almost all the keyword researcher tools.

Some Other Top Free SEO Tools 2020


Woorank is basically a website review tool and SEO checker, which do analyses on-page and off-page SEO, to rank better for search.

Woorank - SEO Tool

The tool do furnishes an actionable checklist, providing you & your team with the insights it needs to fix performance issues and increase the search rankings.


Ahrefs is the top competitor to SEMrush, with of course an strong emphasis on link-building.

The tool actually help you performing backlink analysis. This enables you understand good and bad links coming to your website.

Ahref - Free SEO Tool

Marketing have been notified also using Ahrefs for competitive analysis. This is done to audit the websites that should get targeted for potential guest posts.

Note: Though Ahrefs is freemium, however, to discover more links pointing to any domain or to increase number of campaigns and keywords, you need to subscribe to the premium version.



Tools are quite important for Digital Marketers and SEO persons and yes there is no shortage of tools. On one hand, where there is wide range of premium tools available, free ones are also there to provide you with powerful insights of your website.

With these tools, you can provide your website with everything it needs to perform well on Google.

So, here my blogs ends up finally. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it. And yes if according to you, something is missing or any other suggestions from your side, kindly feel free to share it with me in the comment section.




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