Best Smartwatches For 2020 – Android/iOS

Best Smartwatches For 2020 – Android/iOS

Looking for best smartwatches for 2020?? Well then my friend this blog is meant for you or people searching for same. Read thoroughly and you will get list of awesome trendy smartwatches of 2020

 Popularity of smartwatches are onto some next level these days… with the growth of innovation and technology. Now the days are gone, when smartwatches were just trendy fashion. They have now moved to a different approach, as compared to what they were a few years ago.

Now besides from being just a fashion accessory, they are a fitness or a sports device that can keep you in check with your health.

Despite of all the interesting things about smartwatches, what I found the most interesting is that it do comprises an array of distinct features and analytic capabilities. All these things ultimately makes smartwatches an awesome option to elevate lifestyle.

This year 2020 has indubitably seen a huge influx of new launches in the market, along with the no. of established players constantly growing.

Smartwatches these days have neat little tricks up their respective sleeves.

Wanna talk to your smartwatch to search for something? It Can Do it!!

Wanna monitor your activities, like your walking, swimming or just sitting? Can do it!

So, this was about the smartwatch growth and its beneficial features. Now without any further do, here’re the Best Smart Watches 2020 for you…


Best Smartwatches for 2020

Here you will get list of best smart watches, available for both iPhone and Android users.

Hopefully, you will find the smartwatches exciting and worth to buy.

Best Smartwatch 2020: Apple Watch Series 5

Why you should buy this: It’s just the best smartwatch… that’s it!!

Who it’s for: Anyone with iPhone, who wishes to have a smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 5 - best smartwatch for iphone

Technical Details

Size: 40mm, 44mm

Battery Life (Rated): 18 hours

GPS: Yes

Swim-Proof: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

LTE: Optional

Mobile Payments: Apple Pay

Compatibility: iOS


  • Always-on display
  • Useful Compass
  • Still just 18-hour battery life
  • Watch-OS 6 brings Cycle Tracking and App Store


The Apple Watch Series 5’s always-on display do makes a meaning difference in user experience, especially while working out.

This Apple Smartwatch (one of the finest smartwatches for 2020) enables you to always tell the time, whenever you glance at your wrist… with its ambient light sensor feature, that automatically adjust to the conditions around you.

Moreover, that always-on display does not drain the watch’s battery.

Though you might like to charge your Apple watch nightly, as it do lacks the multi-day battery life which other Smartwatches offer.

Apple’s latest smartwatch includes a built-in compass. This makes the maps even more useful via facilitating users with the direction he/she is facing all the times.

The Series 5 looks quite identical to Series. However, the newer model do comes in fresh finishes – titanium and ceramic, offering the same advanced health features, appreciated in Series 4.

This Apple Smartwatch can be referred as the best smartwatch in India to buy.

Samsung Smartwatch – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Why You Should Buy This: It’s the best Smartwatch for Android users.

Who it’s For: The ones who do values an awesome user interface on a slick smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 - Samsung Smartwatch

Technical Details

Sizes: 40mm, 44mm

Battery Life (Rated): 24-60 hours

GPS: Yes

Swim-Proof: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

LTE: Yes

Mobile Payments: Samsung Pay

Compatibility: Android, iOS (works best with Galaxy Phones)


  • Offline Spotify Storage
  • Works with Android & iOS
  • Stunning Design
  • Sleep-tracking requires some work
  • ECG Feature not available at lunch

As recommendable as the Apple’s Smart Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 can give Apple’s smartwatch a smooth run for its money. This watch is compatible to both Android & iOS smartphones. Moreover, do features GPS, a heart rate monitor and LTE (for a premium).

This Samsung Smartwatch can automatically track your sleep and activity.

Note: This watch is quite better at the former task than the latter ones.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2’s circular design is visually highly appealing… whether it’s a 40mm or 44mm model.

Based onto the Samsung’s Tizen operating system, this Galaxy smartwatch comprises various other awesome features, like Samsung Pay and onboard music via Spotify and heart health features.

Moreover, the watch do comprise a forthcoming ECG feature… similar to the one Apple offers in the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. Despite this, Samsung is still awaiting FDA approval before issuing a software update, which enables heart rate monitoring.

Now regardless of all such highly unique and advance features, the biggest reason why Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the best Android Smartwatch is its excellent battery life.

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The Best Smartwatch for iPhone: Apple Watch Series 3

Why you should buy this: Apple Watch Series 3 is one of the best affordable Smartwatches for iPhone users.

Who it’s for: For those, who wanna use affordable Apple smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 3 - best smartwatch for iphone - smartwatches for 2020

Technical Details

Size: 38mm, 42mm

Battery Life (Rated): 18-24 hours

GPS: Yes

Swim-Proof: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

LTE: Optional

Mobile Payments: Apple Pay

Compatibility: iOS


  • Improved fitness-tracking
  • Apple music-streaming (with LTE model)
  • Faster Siri
  • 18-hour battery
  • Shorter battery life, when connected to cellular


Apple Watch Series 3 is of-course more affordable than that of Series 5 iPhone. The size options are smaller and bizels are thicker on the older model. Moreover, with this Apple Smartwatch, users are not privileged with options to get the newer watch’s ability, to detect atrial fibrillation with an ECG app.

Nonetheless, onto comparing the Apple Watch Series 5 vs Apple Watch Series 3, you will come to know you don’t sacrifice too much for the older version’s lower price.

You do still get a heart rate monitor, GPS along with 8 GB of storage with offline support for Apple music playlists.

Besides this, this Apple smartwatch is water-proof, if you’re interested in swimming and would like to track it.

So, overall this best smartwatch 2020 comprise numerous highly effective and advance features of the Apple Watch Series 5… thanks to the watch OS 6 Apple released last year.


One of the Finest Fitness Smart Watches – Fitbit Versa 2

Why you should buy this:  It’s the best smartwatch for sleep-tracking.

Who it’s for: Those who are passionate about their fitness

fitbit versa 2 - fitness smart watches

Technical Details

Size: 39mm

Battery Life (Rated): 4 days

GPS: Only when connected to the smartphone

Swim-Proof: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes


Mobile Payments: Optional, Fitbit Pay

Compatibility: iOS, Android


  • Solid battery life
  • Insightful sleep analysis
  • Customized training programs
  • Alexa works consistently
  • No on-board GPS

Fitbit Versa 2 is a refined upgrade from the original Versa, which do adds built-in Alexa and of-course the more advanced sleep-tracking features. Among all the feature Fitbit Versa 2 comprise, the most especial one is the software update that enables a feature of monitoring blood oxygen saturation levels.

This data is really helpful in identifying conditions such as sleep apnea.

Thrown in a multi-day battery life, I personally think the Versa 2 is the ultimate fitness smart watch for those who are seeking way to monitor their respective sleeping habits.

Being one of the best Fitbits, the Versa 2 is compatible with both the iOS and Android devices.

Fitbit Versa 2 do comprise a Spotify app, so that you can control music playback from your wrist. Nonetheless, you can’t download Spotify playlists to the watch, regarding offline listening.

So, ultimately Versa 2 is the perfect affordable smart watch, for those who are not in mood of spending a lot.

Best Garmin Smartwatch: Garmin Vivoactive 4

Why you should buy this: One of the finest fitness Smartwatches for 2020

Who it’s for: Those who are passionate about their fitness

Garmin Vivoactive 4 - best smartwatch 2020

Technical Details

Sizes: 40mm, 45mm

Battery Life (Rated): Upto 7 days for Vivoactive 4s, 8 days for Vivoactive 4

GPS: Yes

Swim-Proof: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes


Mobile Payments: Garmin Pay

Compatibility: iOS, Android


  • Available in two sizes
  • Two-button navigation
  • Built-in music storage with Spotify support
  • Occasional syncing issues
  • Convoluted app installation procedure

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 & 4s comprises some of the best features of its Vivocactive 3, i.e., the best smartwatch for fitness, and is now finally far better than that.

This Garmin watch (9ne of the best smartwatches for 2020) now comes in two sizes, 40mm and 45mm, offering a better fit for majority. Moreover, do includes both the Garmin Pay and music storage out of the box. So, with this Garmin Smartwatch, one is not required to pay more for premium features, such as with the Vivoactive 3.

Aside from all this, the Vivoactive 4 offers animated on-screen yoga and Pilates workouts to help one improving his/her poses. Further, a new pulse ox sensor is their for measuring your blood oxygen level and furnishing you with detailed sleep insights.

All these features, along with 7-day battery life makes the Vivoactive 4 one of the finest fitness smart watches for fitness buffs.


Best Fossil Smartwatch – Fossil Gen 5

Why you should buy this: The best wear OS watch

Who it’s for: For those who do prefer having Google smartwatch

fossil gen 5 - best smart watches for men - smartwatches for 2020

Technical Details

Size: 44mm

Battery Life (Rated): 18 hours, however longer with extended battery mode

Swim-Proof: Yes

GPS: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes


Mobile Payments: Google Pay

Compatibility: Android, iOS


  • Stylish, premium stainless-steel frame
  • More RAM definitely makes difference
  • No offline spotify playback
  • Customizable battery modes
  • Wear OS stutters sometimes
  • Feels limitless compared to the Samsung’s and Apple’s Smartwatches


This Wear OS smartwatch is of course not potent enough to measure up against the best Samsung Smartwatches of best smartwatch for iPhone… however is good enough to go for if one insist upon wearing OS device.

The Fossil’s Gen 5 Smartwatch is stylish and sophisticated enough, I must say… Also do eradicates the most glaring performance lag, seen in the past Wear OS watches, thanks to of course its 1 GB RAM and customizable batteries.

These features makes this fossil smartwatch worth a look.

With this one of best Smartwatches for 2020, you’re definitely not going to get the fitness and heart health features you find on Apple watch and Samsung watch. Moreover, the Gen 5’s spotify app don’t store music offline.

However, despite all this, this fossil Gen Smartwatch remains the best for those who do prefer Wear OS.


So, these were some of the best Smartwatches for 2020.

Now, I have find people querying about Smartwatches like: Best Smart Watches for Men or Best Smart Watches for Women…

So, thought of providing a listing of them… in order to make it easier for people to select…

Best Smart watches for Men

  • Samsung Galaxy Active 2
  • Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Breitling Exospace B55 Yachting
  • Fossil Gen 5
  • Honor Watch Magic 2
  • Ticwatch Pro 2020

Best Smart watches for Women

  • 40mm Apple Watch Series 4
  • Kate Spade Scallop 2
  • Fossil Q Venture HR
  • Fitbit Versa
  • Skagen Falster 2

OK… so here my blog on best smartwatches for 2020 ends up finally. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it.

However if any query or suggestion for me… Kindly feel free to ask in the comment section.


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