Instagram Marketing Tips 2020 [How To Increase Engagement on Instagram]

Instagram Marketing Tips 2020 [How To Increase Engagement on Instagram]


 Wondering about Instagram Marketing Tips 2020, since it’s an ever-evolving platform… Well then congratulations, as, fortunately, you’re at the most appropriate spot for your this query.

Here I’ve rounded up a number of top Instagram tips for businesses…

However, before directly jumping onto the tips, I think it would be better to furnish you guys with a glimpse of the popularity of Instagram these days…So that you can better understand why these Instagram Marketing Strategies are important for you.

About Instagram, it is said that… the days are gone where it used to be just for porn and wanderlust-inspiring videos… Now it’s one of the top-performing social media platforms for engagement!!

As Per Stats,

Around 1 billion do use Instagram every month – with those of 200 million viewing business account on it every day.

So, about Instagram, it would obviously not wrong to say that it comprises a huge opportunity to connect with customers…

Coming to tips now… the tips mentioned below is for all… whether you’re new to Instagram marketing or just there to freshen up on your skills… these Instagram influencer tips are definitely going to help you outrun an even more successful Instagram Business Account in 2020.

Here we go…

Instagram Tips And Tricks 2020                     

The below discussed Instagram strategies are the best to answer the question. “How to increase engagement on Instagram”. So, go through them and implement them in the same way as discussed.

Use a Business Account

This is the foremost Instagram Marketing Tips 2020.

While joining Instagram, you are provided with the option to either make your account a personal account or business account.

In this situation, the later ones, i.e., a business account is obviously the most suitable for business, since it furnishes you with the option to view analytics, run paid or sponsored advertisements and connect your account with the Facebook page. All these tactics ultimately make it easier for your Instagram account to reach people.

Starting off with a separate business account is vital to establish your brand presence. It enables you to strategize and implement marketing tips for small businesses.

use instagram business account - instagram marketing 2020

Fill in Your Bio

Instagram allows up to 150 characters in its Bio section. So, fill it up smartly…

Keep remember, with your bio, you are telling your potential followers everything they need to know about you. You are allowed to use hashtags in the bio… Using hashtags help more and more people find your profile.

Moreover, ensure to include your website link.

Update Your Bio

With a small business on Instagram, it’s common to fill up a bio and then forget about it.

But it’s not good.

You should always review your Instagram account and lookup for any vital updates that need to be made.

Establish Your Identity and Look

Since Instagram is basically a visual platform… so “Your Profile Look” obviously does matters a lot.

Any business will obviously want its followers to immediately associate its content with its brand.

Proper usage of certain color palettes and fonts can help with this. Moreover, a certain image style consisting of your message.

Watch Your Competitors (One of the Best Instagram Marketing Tips 2020)

See carefully what other small and big businesses of your niche are doing in their respective Instagram account. Draw on their ideas for inspiration.

Notice everything… like their content type, their hashtags, their visual language and etc.

Moreover, you can also check how well they’re doing via seeing: how many followers do they have? How much engagement do they get on their posts?

This will provide you with an idea of how well their Instagram Strategy is working. Further, it will furnish you with ideas for things to do and not to do, while planning out your own Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Create Content Pillars [Instagram Content Strategy 2019 & 2020]

Now once you get done with Instagram Marketing 2020 Research, its turn now to start planning your content.


Creating Content Pillars is one of the prone Instagram Marketing Tips 2020.

Create a few themes for the types of content you wish to post… This will be about as part of your Instagram Marketing 2020 Strategy, as a guide while scheduling your content.

Plan Your Content

This also comes under the Instagram Content Strategy 2020.

Once you are done with creating your content pillars, it’s now time to decide the content you would like to post and to be simply strategic about it.

Plan minutely, what you’re going to post at least on a weekly basis.

Use Hashtags Strategically

Whenever it’s about hashtags usage, there are two factors important to consider…

  • Choosing right hashtags
  • Creating a branded hashtag

Choosing right hashtags

Branded hashtags are often one of the most crucial parts of a successful Instagram Marketing Strategy.

However, the point remembers worthy is the fact that the best starting point is always a general branded hashtag. It should be short, memorable, and must be including your brand name in some form.

Branded hashtag actually make your content even more discoverable. Moreover, it does drive traffic to your profile, creating a stronger community around your brand.

This ultimately helps you organize your content, rendering it easily trackable and findable.

Don’t ever forget to place hashtags in your Bio, as this makes it easily visible to anyone visiting your profile.

Yes, and it’s never like you can have just one hashtag in your bio… You can create multiple hashtags for a specific campaign or competition. Moreover, it can showcase brand advocates or can encourage user-generated content.

Explore the Full Range of Instagram Video Formats

Despite the fact that a picture is worth of thousand words, it also trues that a video is worth 1.8 million words.

So, yeah… there is challenging the efficacy and popularity of online video content.

Instagram does realize this and thus offers a suite of video options for marketers to deploy.

Moreover, Instagram Stories’ live video option for a Q&A is the best when it’s about revealing new products or services.

Explore the Full Range of Instagram Video Formats - instagram marketing tips 2020

And yes… when it’s about Instagram videos, one cannot obviously forget about IGTV.

Note: Though some experts have proclaimed the feature dead, the diagnosis might be premature.

Do you guys know, originally Instagram intended IGTV to be a destination for original long-term video content. But the adoption struggled a lot, as 72% of brands report no intention to create IGTV content in 2019.

Nonetheless, this also presents an opportunity for savvy marketers.

About IGTV, it’s the fact that brands will have less competition for views. Moreover, they will be working in a unique, mobile-friendly layout, just perfect for evergreen content, such as featurettes and interviews.

Use Instagram Video Subtitles & Closed Captions

Use Instagram video subtitles and closed captions - instagram strategy

According to Instagram Experts,

About 60% of the Instagram stories are viewed with sound on… however 40% without sound.

With video continuously increasingly dominating the online space, the number of users has been notified preferring videos without sound. This is the reason subtitles have become such essential these days for marketers. Subtitles actually enables core messaging to be delivered on-screen alongside visuals.

Research from Facebook (Instagram parent company) clearly proves that captioning videos increases average video times by 12%. Moreover, with this… messaging effectively also boosts up, boasting a success rate of 82% compared to 18% with that of sound on and zero captions.

One another study proof that around 80% of people said captions would make them more likely to watch the whole video.

Now when it’s about the captioning video, it’s simple.

Within minutes, you can create an auto-captioned video on Facebook, which later then you can save and post on Instagram. Or alternatively, you can create your own dedicated captioning file.

Note: Despite the fact that the attention-grabbing power of captions is much high, it’s also true that they are not an official part of Instagram’s best practices for stories.

Embrace Instagram AR Filters

Last year, Instagram opened up the creation of AR filters to the public with its Spark AR Studio. Since then, AR has taken up the app by storm… with some of the best filters getting very well over 1 billion views.

Despite being still primarily popular among youngsters, there is a rapidly growing industry around AR filters. And numerous brands are opting for producing of their own.

Embrace Instagram AR Filters - Instagram influencer tips

Instagram AR Filters have recently introduced beyond effects, which are added to face. Now the most popular AR filters are all about color grading and enhancing video.

So, now it’s like you can easily add an AR filter to your videos, to make it even more beautiful.

As a brand, you should be trying to create AR video effects, enabling your followers to experience your product or recreate your visual style.

Post GIFs

Researches clearly show that these days people prefer watching the end of the video that is 15 seconds or even less. So, according to this, it’s almost essential for marketing departments to learn how to create and then post a GIF on Instagram.

This might be amongst the finest Instagram marketing tips 2020.

Use Instagram Traffic To Increase Website Traffic

It’s the proven fact that Instagram traffic can help boosts visit your website, with its platform allowing for a single clickable link in your bio.

You can maximize the potential of your like in your bio with special offers and promotions, encouraging followers to click through. Moreover, you can also combine strong calls to action with your URL in a text overlay or any image or video.

Further, if you’re having 10k followers on your Instagram account, you can insert a link with a “Swipe Up” CTA.

Note: Instagram’s ad formats offer a call-to-action button, which followers can click on to take them to your website. This is one of the finest Instagram ad best practices in 2020.

Use SEO To WIN Instagram

Despite the fact that Instagram and SEO are not such bedfellows, creating a strong SEO strategy for your Instagram account is crucial. This actually because of its being such an increasingly competitive platform.

The main two key areas which affect SEO are your account handle and account name.

The first one is the ‘@’ name that you register with. Keep note, that it must reflect your business sector. Moreover, ensure that its short, sweet, and yeah… memorable.

Now the second is the account name. This appears under your profile picture. This must be reflecting your account handle industry.

Remember, whenever people search Instagram using words or emojis, it’s your account name that Instagram check searches against.

Insert your industry or a keyword related to your business in the name field. Think of words people would use while searching on Instagram.

Use SEO to win Instagram - how to increase engagement on instagram

Note: While Google doesn’t confirm from its side that social signals are part of their ranking algorithm, studies have revealed a significant correlation between social engagement and Google rankings.

Partner with Micro-influencers to Create Brand Authenticity

Instagram influencer marketing is really significant these days… As it does allow marketers to work with key thought leaders in their respective sectors and push brand messaging out to a wider audience.

This is mainly because influencers are noticed as ‘independent’, aligning the brand with their respective authoritative voice. This can genuinely add authenticity to your messaging.

Use Emojis Effectively

About Instagram, it would definitely not be wrong to say that – the power of images over words has got extended to emojis.

As Per Researchers Stats,

 Emojis are used by 92% of the online population.

Now with thousands of emojis available, its crucial to create a strategy on how to use emojis, capturing your brand without looking too formal.

Proper usage of emojis can help you out insert personality and fun in your brand. Moreover, it can help you out build up a more emotional connection to your audience.

Promote Your Instagram Channel on Other Social Accounts

Spread your Instagram account as much as possible.

For Example: Promote your Instagram account on Facebook, via making an announcement on FB with a clickable link to your Instagram page.

Moreover, you can exploit Instagram’s auto-post and cross-promotional tools.

The cross-promotional tools allow you to instantly post from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. This ultimately brings followers all together from across your social networks.

Note: Do not cross-promote all your Instagram posts to the other social channels, as this risks ‘cannibalizing’ your content. This negates the need for followers to visit your Instagram channel in the first place.

Add CTAs, Everywhere (One of the Instagram AD Best Practices 2020)

As much you do care that followers must love your Instagram ads, you must focus on that love actually leading somewhere. This you can do easily via using a powerful Instagram call to action.

Since CTAs can get introduced into your profile, images, or caption copy, they are the most direct way of increasing interaction rates and pushing followers in a specific direction.

CTAs appear below your post and are highly ideal to deliver short.

Note: Adding CTAs to the post is key to Instagram ad best practices 2020.

Track and Learn From Your Best-Performing Instagram Content

This I would say is one of my most recommendable and considerable Instagram Marketing Tips 2020.

For every Instagram influencer, its sort of a must to learn the ‘formula’ of content. This will for sure drive up your Instagram engagement rates.

There are numerous ways you can do this… You can try identifying the most effective hashtags and visual styles. Moreover you can do this by learning the best times to post something.


OK… so here finally ends up my blog… Instagram Marketing Tips 2020 or Instagram Influencer Tips.

Lastly, I would definitely try to wrap up all my recommendations in few lines… as I guess this provides some other satisfaction that the blog was really for those who were looking for Instagram Tips and Tricks 2020.

So, here I go…

Whenever it’s about Instagram strategy, it’s important for people (you guys) to realize the fact that your Instagram Journey is one that is never going to over.

Now while this might sound daunting, but it’s the fact that your Instagram profile is like your business… consider it as an enterprise which will constantly grow and evolve, while forging ever-deeper links along with its followers.

Via following the above-mentioned tips on Instagram Marketing 2020, you can definitely maximize your Instagram channel’s potential. Doesn’t matter how the network evolves, you can very positively increase Instagram engagement while keeping those likes, shares, and comments coming.



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