How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers

How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers

How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers… is a question of mass today… A Brand can never exist without being relevant. It has to be relevant to customers.

And yeah, one thing… this brand relevancy is not something new… It does exist before also, when there was no mass media marketing, websites and social media.

Relevancy to customers is important for a brand to be successful.

Ok… so now coming to how to make your brand relevant to customers… well, before discussing this… its important for you people to have an idea of what is brand relevance

So, here I go…

What is Brand Relevance? [Brand Relevance Definition]

Brand Relevance can be stated as Relevant Brands…

So, Relevant brands are those which are engaging, surprising, and yes… connecting at the same time. These brands are genuinely modern & are always seeking new ways for delighting and delivering.

They do have tendency of pushing themselves to earn and re-earn customer’s loyalty.

Relevant brands are the ones which have barreled via some passive exposure to come to life… and have always been actively participating with customers.

The relevant brands do make usage of technology to be more human, creating new experiences, in order to engage with people in several ways, enriching their lives.

How to Keep Your Brand Relevant? [How To Build Brand Relevance]

Brand building process starts with three distinct important commitments.

First, for the brands, its essential to find up a strategic purpose… creating shared value.

This has been referred as the ultimate way to inspire people, both internally and externally.

Next one is, companies are required to engage customers via living brand experiences.

Last one, brands are required to get empowered from the inside out via culture, capabilities & engagement.

OK… so this was an overlook… now lets a deep look at the qualities… which makes a brand relevant…

Brand Should Be Aware of Their Real Reason-To-Be

Relevant brands are always completely aware of… who they are, moving beyond positioning and into purpose. They are centered on a strategic purpose, creating shared value.

This brand purpose is the fundamental binding agent between assets and aspirations of the business and customers’ motivations.

Brands Create Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Relentlessly relevant brands are those which enlarges the universe and engage customers in a living brand experience. This actually means, constant, real-time engagement between the customers and brand stewards, providing companies with the ability to anticipate, adapt and respond in the context of customers’ lives.

It’s actually what enables brands to create hyper-personalized offer. This is mainly done with the motto of leveraging data in a way that extends experience and relationships within customers’ lives. Moreover, to combine human empathy, with tech-enabled intelligence.

OK… so what makes all these experiences highly powerful is that they rely onto the understanding that the days of either/or are behind us. They do understand,  what they facilitate people with needs to get embraced the heart and head, intelligence and emotion, strategy and empathy and data and story.

Relevant Brands are powered from the Inside

Usually brands relevant to customers aren’t managed by a marketing team. They are powered via a company’s culture, engagement and capabilities.

Since leadership is in alignment, they are potent enough to catalyses change, motivate and empower employees throughout the organization… This ultimately create a self-generating business, balancing customer requirements and corporate goals.

Relentlessly relevant brands can drive change and rapidly turn new ideas into reality.

They are responsible for empowering diversity of thought, customer centricity, collaboration and agility.

OK… so this all about what makes a brand relevant. Now have a quick glance on some brand relevance examples…

Some Brand Relevance Examples         

The below examples reveals benefits when ‘How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers’ is considered. 

  • ‘Southwest Airlines, the one and only airline to rank in the Top 50 of U.S. Index, recognizes that delivering outstanding customer experience is require to be a company-wide commitment always. In order to deliver on its promise, which it sees as serving passengers with warmth, individual pride, friendliness, and a sense of humor, initiates with a commitment to treat its employees the same way. From ticket agents to baggage handlers to pilots, customers are there to expect a personal connection, which they don’t get from other carriers.
  • LEGO, which is children’s favorite for its delightfully consistent little bricks, comprises imaginative properties into physical retail, digital enterprises and full-length films. However, all of its efforts speaks to the purpose, furnishing high value to the parents… LEGO is always inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow.
  • Starbucks, which of course sells coffee is loved by people a lot… This incredible love is not just for the coffee, but for the Starbucks’ bigger ambition… which is to inspire and nurture the human spirit… one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

Now, since I have a covered huge on how to make your brand relevant to customers… so, hopefully its clear in your mind.

Nonetheless, before this brand relevancy, what comes first is brand identity of course. Because that’s actually what makes your brand existence… Without brand identity, there is no brand relevancy. So, I have discussed about brand identity also.

Let’s have a look…

What is Brand Identity?

A brand identity is all about what your brand says, for what purpose it exists, what its values are… Moreover, how you communicate your product and also what you exactly want people to feel when they interact it.

So, overall brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your respective customers.

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How To Create A Brand Identity

Below mentioned steps are proven working, when its about creating brand identity.

Research thoroughly your audience, value proposition and competition

Alike any other aspect of starting a business, the first step in creating a brand identity is to complete the market research. With the market research, its important to clarify and understand the below mentioned five distinct things:

  • Audience

Its very obvious that different people wishes different things. This become even more specific when we talk about two different generation people. The way you target a product to a pro-teen can never be the same you would target to a college student.

So, its essential to learn about what exactly your audience wishes from a business in your industry. This will help you creating a brand that people will love.

  • Value Proposition and Competition [One Vital Aspects in How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers]

Think what makes your business unique in your industry??  What can you offer your customers that others can’t?

Remember, knowing the difference between you and your respective competition is imperative, in order to develop a successful brand.

Keeping an eye on your competition facilitate you with info about exactly what brand building process (or branding techniques) work well and those which don’t.

  • Mission

Now you know what your business offers… However, that’s not enough. You are require to have a very clear and direct mission statement, describing your vision and goals. This is important to consider, when its about How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers.

  • Personality

Mostly people think that, he or she cannot be personable while developing a brand image. However, that’s not true. You can use your type, colors, and imagery, in order to represent who the brand is. Further then can enhance that particular visual representation with your tone of voice.

The purpose of all this is ultimately to develop your brand as a way to represent your business.

  • SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is always beneficial to have a better understanding of your brand.

Considering the brand’s characteristics always helps out in finding characteristics you wish to portray in the brand. This is a vital point to consider when its about How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers.

The Other Methods To Create A Brand Identity Include:

  • Design the logo and a template for your brand
  • Integrate language you can make use of to connect, advertise, and embody on social media.
  • Know what to avoid
  • Monitor your brand constantly in order to maintain its brand identity

So, this was all about creating brand identity.

OK… so now here my blog on ‘How to Make Your Brand Relevant to Customers’ finally ends up. Hopefully you enjoyed it reading and it furnished you with proper info on how to build a brand online.



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