How to Build a Landing Page That Converts?

How to Build a Landing Page That Converts?

Looking for ways on how to build a landing page that converts?? This is the blog for you… as it is solely dedicated to this topic…Go on reading… and you will get answer to all your questions regarding: How to Write a Landing Page That Converts!!

Making an awesome landing page isn’t a rocket science of course, but yes… do take some work.

What is a landing page actually??

It’s a static page, acting as a catalyst to move leads via the buyer journey and closer to becoming customer. Unlike, the other pages present on a website, a landing page is the one having one simple objective, i.e., to persuade visitors to take one desired action.

Now that action can be anything. It might be viewing a killer piece of inbound content. Or just be requesting a free demo. Moreover, often its about subscribing to a email newsletter. The list goes on…. Obviously!!

Now, regardless of whatever your purpose is with the landing page, it must be convincing and engaging enough to motivate visitors, to take that desired action.

Creation of landing page varies completely… With a robust marketing automation solution, one can receive a highly intuitive landing page builder and a variety of landing page templates. Its also essential to have access to materials that teaches how to make a landing page. All these things makes landing page creation a complete breeze for even the non-tech savvy.

So, this was about how to create a landing page… but that’s not enough of course. What’s more important is how to build a landing page that converts.

OK… so without any further ado, let’s go…

How To Build A Landing Page That Converts

Here below I will be providing you with ultimate guide to landing pages… will show in detail how to build a converting landing page from scratch. The below discussed are some of the best landing page practices…. to take you on your way of creating landing pages with high conversion rates.

  • Use a Killer Headline

A headline is where everything begins… interest, attention and understanding.

Its actually what compels a visitor to stay and learn more about what you’re offering or not.

Here’s what a headline should accomplish:

  1. The headline must be grabbing the reader’s attention
  2. It should be telling the reader about the product or service in detail
  3. It should be short. Remember, not to make a headline of more than 20 words (preferred limit is up to 10)
  • Persuasive Subheads

The very next element in how to write a landing page that converts is the sub-headline.

Note: If headline is the one that makes the visitor look web-page, then sub-headline is the one that make them stay.

Here’s what you should be concern of while creating a sub-headline:

  • Usually, the persuasive headline is positioned directly underline the main headline.
  • For a sub-headline, its important to have some element of persuasiveness.
  • Unlike heading, subheading can go slightly more depth…. Means, detailing the main headline.

I’ll show you some landing page examples… main motto is to provide you with an idea on how to create sub-headlines.

Slack’s Homepage:

slacks homepage - Example Landing Pages That Convert

Where Work Happens is the main headline… as you can see… its concise and attention-grabbing.

After that, in the sub-headline, readers can learn about the platform.

Here its clear that if their team require to undertake either of the listed tasks, they benefit from using it. However, if that’s the case, they’ll be much more likely to click that “Get Started” button, than they would after reading the headline alone.

  • Pictures

According to experts,

Brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

So, from this, it is clear that visitors will get affected by the images on your landing page faster than that of text. Thus, its important to be attentive enough while inserting images on your landing page.

Here’re points to consider while selecting and placing images on landing page:

  1. The image should be large of course.
  2. It must be relevant to your product or service. In case if you are selling a physical product, its important for your landing page to comprise product’s image
  3. If you’re selling a service, your image should be attractive enough to grab your potential customer’s attention. Moreover, it should be demonstrating relevance to the visitor.
  4. The picture should be of high-quality.

Since its your landing page, avoid the usage of stock photographs or last-minute Photoshop ones.

About images, always keep one thing in mind that it’s the first thing your visitor will process. Images do have potential of shaping visitor’s impression about your brand, before they even go through your page. So,  you need that impression good enough.

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  • Use a Single Call-to-action

The call-to-action (CTA) is perhaps the most vital element of a high-converting landing page. The CTA stands between your respective visitor and the action you want them to take.

This is why its essential to use one of them.

Or, you are risking diverting their attention from the objective at hand.

  • Make your CTA stand out

Its common that whenever somebody arrives at your page, you wish them to immediately know how to take that particular desired action.

There are variety of tactics you can employ to make your CTA stand out on your landing page and grab the visitor’s attention.

Here’re things to consider while inserting CTA on your page:

  1. Use a contrasting color
  2. Make use of action-oriented language on your CTA button
  3. Use arrows or your imagery to point to it.
  • Place your CTA above the fold

Since CTA is such important for conversion, its location on the page matters. Its obvious that you want your CTA to be clearly visible, when somebody arrives at your page.

You can do this via placing your CTA ‘above the fold’ or at the top of the page, visible without needing to scroll.

Note: If people need to scroll down to find it, my friend… you are missing your potential leads.

  • Make your offer valuable

This is one of the most important things to consider when its about ‘How to build a landing page that converts’.

Usually landing pages comprises a lead form for capturing contact information. The leads exchange their information for your offer, providing you with a new name to market to. Or, additional data on an existing lead… so that you can personalize your marketing to them.

Remember one thing that no one will provide his/her contact information in exchange for something invaluable. So, do ensure your offer is delivering some real value to the people.

  • Add a Touch of Personality, But Don’t overwhelm Your Audience

In every high-converting landing page templates, you will find a personality touch.

According to experts,

The most effective landing pages are those that manage to convey a tone for the brand they are selling for. However, you don’t need to overwhelm your audience with that tone… as often this makes the scene obnoxious or sometimes even insulting.

So, always use restraint, while setting the tone and personality of your pages.

Studies reveal that, humor-focused landing page worked best in terms of conversions.

  • Make Your Landing Page Light

It is said that,

The Lighter The Page, The Bigger The Response

Landing pages are actually meant to be quick stops on your site…. Aimed at specific goal.

You will never wish it cluttered with text, or line of images.

Keeping the content simple and light on the page provides with a bigger and better result.

Remember, the easier it is to get through the info there, the more conversions you are going to have.

So, always ensure, loading speed of your landing page is high. Or you might lose conversions, since people don’t prefer being tired of waiting.

Here’s points to consider to make your landing page light:

  1. Make use of Page Speed Tool to find out what’s slowing your site down.
  2. Use Mobile-friendly Test tool from Google to ensure your site looks good on mobile devices
  3. Keep note of your site downtime, means how often your site gets down. Use Uptime Report. This will monitor uptime on major hosting platforms.
  4. Make use of Alexa’s SEO Audit Tool to run customized reports on your website’s performance.
  • Include a Video Clip for Visual Engagement

Videos have always been rage on the landing pages. They are stimulating and easy to there.

Moreover, they are always potent enough to get across your message and purpose very rapidly…In a way memorable to the viewer.

Points to consider while inserting video in your landing page:

  1. If you are doing a voice-over, ensure your voice is clear and easy to understand
  2. Furnish your users with visuals that match your words
  3. Refer professionally made video (if you can afford it of course).

Nonetheless, besides all this, the most important point to consider is do not include a long video on your landing page. Keep it short (of less than 3 minutes).

Often I have gone through pages comprising videos of 10 minutes or more long. However, that’s not cool… both from SEO and user’s point of view. Nobody is going to watch such long video. So, better to keep it short and sweet.

  • Try Smart Testimonials or Reviews

Showcasing what others say about you or your products is always beneficial for your web-page.

Researches reveal that, adding reviews on landing page boosts conversions more than 35%.

Best Landing Page Example, comprising smart testimonials or reviews:

Yotpo, the smart platform is the best example of landing page including testimonials… the platform utilizes the power of user generated content to generate impressive product reviews. Moreover, they uses social media curation to accommodate reviews and several other tools for encouraging on-site testimonials.

  • Let people know how to reach you

Make it easy for people to contact you, if somebody navigates to your page and have some queries.

Include numerous methods of contact, so that people can easily reach you on the channel they prefer.

Remember, a lead with questions is an engaged lead… so make it easy for them to get the information they require.

  • Keep your forms short

In order to capture lead information from your landing page, you will need a lead form.

OK… so remember to keep your form short and yes… don’t ask for too much information.

I would suggest to go with just name, email address and company name.

You can always accommodate more data on them later.

Questioning too much on your initial lead generation form might scare them off.

  • Include Data Security Badges

Which data security certificates you have? Think, find out and then include those badges on your lead forms… This will assure your visitors about their personal data safety.

Including data security badges is one of the finest ways to build up trust with new leads.

Its one of the best ways, when its about how to build a landing page that converts.

  • Use A/B Testing To Identify What Works

Whenever its about how to build a converting landing page from scratch, using A/B testing is a vital measure.

The A/B testing allows you to try different landing page elements and determine which one are converting more leads.

While A/B Testing, you’re furnished with facility to experiment with different copy, images, design and etc. This ultimate helps you out find the recipe, generating conversions with your respective unique audience.

  • Don’t Hesitate in Using White Space

Its completely alright if your landing page comprises a significant amount of white space. You can fill some of it with your hero image. However the rest can be left white (or whatever color your background is).

White space helps draw the reader’s attention to your CTA or offer and reduces the risk of distraction by unnecessary page elements.

  • Use PPC Advertising To Drive Traffic

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is all about pushing an ad to the top of the search engine results for a specific keyword.

Go for this tactic to put your offer in front of new leads who’re searching for that particular term.

According to studies, it’s a proven fact that PPC landing pages generate more conversions that ones which are not promoted,

So, go for PPC to drive increased traffic and ultimately for more conversions.

  • Promote Your Landing Page on Social Media

Today social media is of course a page people prefer the most. They even trust it also.

So, promote your page offer on social media, to expand its reach.

You can draft regular posts to your followers. Further you can then boost post for the extended reach.

Moreover, you can also go for social advertising… like paid Facebook ads… This can put your offer in front of more eyes.

  • Create a follow-up page for continued engagement

When somebody clicks on your offer, they get redirected to a confirmation or follow-up page that you have created. So, ultimately your follow-up page is a great place to engage your lead.

Furnish links to additional resources around the same topic. With this, you can aim at keeping them navigating your content to drive up engagement. This will ultimately move them one step closer to becoming your customer.

OK… so here finally blogs ends up on how to build a landing page that converts. Hopefully, now you guyz are clear on how to write a landing page that converts or about high-converting landing page templates.

Now lets have a quick glance on the final conclusion. This will provide you with the whole-sum summary of the entire blog

Final Verdict

If you noticed, the tips furnished above revolves around one goal, i.e., Convincing visitors into taking your desired action, once they are onto your landing page.

One of the finest tips when its about landing page design that convert is – ‘Thinking Like Your Leads’.


This would help you out building high-converting landing page. Just try to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself honestly what would engage you the most, if you arrived at a landing page.

This will help you at the ultimate level in writing a landing page that converts.

Always remember,

Ideal landing page differs for each individual business. And so, your one’s will rely on your respective unique audience.

While building landing page or any other web page don’t ever get bounded. Feel free to play with various options. Make use of empathy and understand what exactly your audience wants or needs to see.

Keeping all this in mind and following the steps I mentioned in the blog will make you build up landing page that converts more and more leads in no time.

So, this was all…

Hope, you enjoy reading the blog and it proven beneficial for you in how to build a converting landing page from scratch.


Same sort of blog will be updating in future. So, stay tuned.

And yes, in case of query with this blog or any suggestion, kindly feel free to let me know in the below comment section.


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